Oaktoberfest Competition

Oaktoberfest is a yearly competition, held in conjunction with Oaktoberfest in the Dimond, a huge family friendly beer festival held each year in Oakland, CA.  Our entry window is typically mid September, with judging in late September.  Awards are announced each year on the Main Stage at the festival.

Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition Winners
Winners were announced live at the Oaktoberfest in the Dimond festival on Oct 5th, 2013 at 1:30pm on the Farmer Joe's main stage! 
Congratulations to our Best of Show winner, Justin Vincent, from the Silicon Valley Sudzers, for his amazing Schwarzbier!  Runner-up (2nd best of show) goes to Paul Brown of DOZE for his Kölsch, and 3rd best of show for 2013 was Jason Davis from Bay Area Mashers for his Weizenbock.  Great job, everyone!

2013 Winners List

If you missed the awards ceremony this time, please check here for updates to make sure you don't miss it next year.

Oaktoberfest Homebrew Competition 2013
COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED.  Oaktoberfest is open to German beer styles only; see the Competition Rules for acceptable styles, and details on how to enter. Our entry window this year is from 9/7 through 9/15, and we have 3 entry locations for your convenience: The Oak Barrel in Berkeley, CA, HopTech in Dublin, CA and Brewmaster in San Leandro, CA.




Entry cost is $8 each, and payment is accepted by PayPal only, no checks please.  Note: you need not have a PayPal account to register entries, you may simply pay through our online system with a credit card, to register your entries.  Entry registration is now live; be sure to time your entries to arrive between 9/7 and 9/15.  See full Competition Rules for more details.

Entry Registration

Oaktoberfest Entry

Oaktoberfest Entry

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Registration is now closed for Oaktoberfest 2013 - thank you to everyone who entered. We hope to see you at the awards ceremony Saturday, October 5th, at 1:50pm on the Main Stage at Oaktoberfest!

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